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An extraordinary, miniature New Mexico landscape

painting by Woody Gwyn, circa 2006

You could never imagine that anyone could possibly capture such a vast and expansive landscape in such a small space, but here it is.

This outstanding miniature oil painting by the renowned New Mexico artist, Woody Gwyn, measures only 3” in width by 1 3/4” in height, yet it is truly spectacular in its impact and sweep. In this extremely tiny space, Gwyn beautifully and masterfully captures the panorama and vast feeling of a huge expanse of western land and sky near his home in a rural village outside Santa Fe.

The painting is done in oil on canvas mounted on a small wood panel.

It is in very good original condition. The painting is unsigned (no room) but it was acquired directly from Woody Gwyn and we unconditionally guarantee its authenticity. Woody Gwyn is famous for his almost impossibly large and detailed depictions of the Southwestern landscape. The last painting of his that we had was a quite similar New Mexico landscape which measured

10” in height by a colossal 10 1/2 FEET in width.

Here the artist has turned the tables completely, giving us a majestic landscape on a pocket-sized scale. The impact, believe it or not, is nearly as great. This is a wonderful, and very powerful work of art from the hand of a master painter which you can, almost unbelievably, hold in the palm of your own hand.

Price $1,450

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