Acoma Pueblo pottery jar by Mary Histia,

circa 1930’s

This beautiful olla has been attributed to the renowned Acoma Pueblo potter Mary Histia (1881-1973) by Historic Pueblo Pottery Authority, Edwin L. Wade, Ph.D. The buyer will receive the signed original of Dr. Wade’s letter of attribution. Mary Histia is perhaps the most well-known and accomplished Acoma potter of the late 19th and early 20th Century. She was already an outstanding potter in her teens when she was famously photographed in 1901 by A.C. Vroman and nicknamed “Acoma Mary”. She made traditional Acoma Pottery with birds and flower pictorials as a young girl and increasingly moved towards abstract modernist designs such as this striking jar in her middle age creating shockingly contemporary, gorgeously painted, often highly complex designs until her death in 1973. Along wth Nampeyo and Margaret Tafoya, Histia was one of the pioneering Pueblo Modernists. Her striking designs caught the eye and made her a personal favorite of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and during the New Deal period, Mary Histia’s pottery was given as gifts to foreign leaders and used to decorate Government offices in Washington, D.C.

This jar measures 8” height, 10 ½” diameter and is in beautiful restored condition. It underwent a complete professional restoration to repair several large cracks, breaks and chips. There is very little plaster, and, of course, the jar’s restored condition is properly reflected in the price which would otherwise be more than double. Aesthetically, however, this is an extraordinarily beautiful vessel by an extremely significant artist, lovely and most satisfying to look at.

Inquire                        Price $2,950                   Purchase

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